Except I don’t feel as though Croatoan is necessary for EndVerse. Any major catastrophe (which the fallen angels could cause) would do it. To me all that really has to happen for EndVerse is Lucifer free—any other details would not matter.

That’s probably a better definition of the term. In terms of fandom, I tend to just use it (and often see it) as a catch all for the timeline presented in “The End”. However, in terms of what Lucifer really means when he says they will “always end up here”, I agree with you. The inevitability of “The End” really refers to Lucifer being victorious, and I wouldn’t necessarily be against a very, very different version of that. It’s not the strongest idea, but it works.

  1. lifeaintwhatitsworth said: Ah see, I didn’t see it as the inevitability of Lucifer being victorious, I saw it as the inevitability of Dean and/or Michael having to face down Sam and/or Lucifer. To me it works just as well to have Dean facing down Lucifer in a different vessel.
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