butterflydm said:

But, yeah, if he is just teasing, it’s kinda an asshole move on his part, considering the circumstances. Which I certainly don’t rule out, but, yeah. I’m not saying I’d hate him or anything, but  I won’t be able to consider him an ally if he thinks that kind of extensive teasing/mocking is all okay.

If it is all just teasing, that is completely and totally fair (though I think even people who are genuinely allies can make mistakes). I do think it is certainly an unwise move, if teasing. I also do think Misha has well proven that he is a smart and kind person, and if he is just teasing, he would be mortified to think it hurt anyone (and would probably jump to apologize, as he has many times in the past).

fire-of-fire said: 

yeah i have a feeling there’s some sort of twist to it that none of us are thinking of

I would be willing to bet on it being just plain sex (with perhaps an unusual twist to it), or it being a dream. If I were writing it (assuming it really is in the early episodes), it probably would be a dream because Cas would be horrified on multiple levels that way, setting up for it being a safe and comfortable and wanted activity later on in the season.

righteousfreckles said: 

I agree that he seems to be more aware of the impact of what he says, as he’s corrected his word choices in the past (the lip service comment) and has addressed queerbaiting accusations, so I’d be really surprised if he was trolling about this.

That is about the only part of this whole mess that would surprise me (though again, everyone makes mistakes and actors especially can get over-excited and say foolish things, in my experience). This is a guy who (rightly) gets upset over the show throwing around the “bitch” word too lightly, after all.

  1. butterflydm said: yeah, I do hope there ends up being video so that I can see *how* he said it, in addition to checking on exact words, like if he did ref: slash fic (because he’s said at other times that he knows that means same-sex pairings).
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