fire-of-fire replied to your post “I feel like Misha learned from the last time he misspoke, because he went out of his way to correct and apologize for it, and I feel like he really does try and make an effort to learn what fandom terms mean so that he doesn’t misuse them. So I think with that in mind, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. He’s honestly so excited for Cas this season that I can’t help but look forward to whatever the show has planned, regardless of what’s said at cons!”

i mean just that interview with mark and the look on both of their faces when they said it’d be a huge spoiler definitely had me thinking “DUDE” right off the bat. the only thing that throws me is misha giving it away so easily

I don’t know. He’s in a pretty comfortable position, I think. No matter how much he teases, the only people who are going to think “DUDE” are people who spend a lot of time parsing through spoilers and PR talk, and people who hope it might be a dude. Many of the tweets I saw clearly assumed it will be a woman (and even though this is just a continuation of a trend, plenty of us before this assumed woman even if man was on the table too, myself included). Heteronormativity is a good security blanket that way, unfortunately.

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  3. fire-of-fire said: this is true! and misha is well versed in the prevalence of heterronormativity (mr. “that doesn’t make you straight”)
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